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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Playing games at Ropossa

My score

This week I stopped by Ropossa one evening and was handed lots of new puzzles and games to master. One game used wireless blocks that display one (Latin) letter each, and you have to put them next to each other to make words. You have a small amount of time to make as many words as possible using these letters, and then the system tells you how many correct words you made and how many was possible using these letters.

The maximum score

Everyone thinks that since I am blond, I am a great master of English (though we actually speak Swedish in Sweden), so I was expected to get a perfect score. This was quite difficult, since there are so many words you can make with five letters in English so it is easy to forget one word even if you know it. I did actually get a perfect score after several tries, though.

Noah's ark logic puzzle game

I also played a game called Noah's Ark. You get hints saying that "the lion and the giraffe should have two other animals between them" and "the hippo should be facing another animal" and similar things. Then you are supposed to line up the animals on the ark in the correct order. A kind of logic puzzle. It was quite fun, though the target audience is probably kids that are younger than I am, haha.

I was also given a few pieces of candy that were quite sour and tasted like Japanese dried plums. The bag was quite nicely designed, with an old newspaper look.

 They were also playing with a kind of projection mapping toy in Ropossa. You put your smart phone on top of a paper box that contains a plastic model of a house. Then you display a movie with your phone, which is projected onto the plastic model and it looks like professional projection mapping on real buildings, except smaller. I was told that I could have one of these models/boxes, but since I do not actually have a smart phone I could not use it so I turned the offer down.

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