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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Somewhat surprising, but very nice, present

A long long time ago, a girl from Canada stayed three months in Sapporo. She stayed in the house of one of my friends. She wanted to go to LaLa Too, a famous transvestite show and dance club here in Sapporo. The staff come to your table and sit and drink with you, and they do huge dance shows at fixed times during the evening. They are very funny, but generally only speak Japanese. Since the Canadian girl did not speak Japanese, I was called in to tag along and translate. We ended up going there twice.

This girl was apparently back in Sapporo recently, and she still remembers me since those six years or so ago. She had even brought a gift for me, so the friend who she stayed with came to my magic bar with another of our friends last week and told me this story and gave me the gift. Since it was wrapped, they did not know what it was either, and they asked me to open it immediately to show them what I got.

I received some creamy perfume from L'Occitane de Provence, a brand of makeup and similar products that is very popular in Japan. This thing even had a content list in Japanese on the back. Everyone was surprised by this being the gift, since they had imagined something more Canadian, like a bottle of maple syrup. And something more manly, they said, haha. I am quite happy with the present, though they are right in that it is not that hard to buy the same product here in Japan.

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