Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Post! And boobies! (since sex sells, pictures of breasts and penises included)

On account of the old photo blog of my life in Sapporo having died the death of no more updates in 2008, I have decided to try to use actual blogging software to see if this will increase the number of updates I care to make.

Generalizing from the old blog, readers can expect pictures and short texts about: weird food in Japan, weird friends in Japan, weird food in other countries during my business trips, weird signs in Japan, weird clothes in Japan, me doing weird things, and other weird things that happen to me.

Penis and breast chocolate. And a condom with "STOP THE AIDS"
Very small chocolate breasts.

First out is the tit and penis chocolate that I found two weeks ago. This is sold in a souvenir shop in the tourist street here in Sapporo, so possibly we are famous for tits and penises. Judging from the size of these chocolate things, perhaps not in a flattering way, though. Considering the estimated bust size of my female friends in Sapporo, the chocolate may be more or less on target in size, but my friends tell me it is just the clothes they wear that makes them look slim/undernourished/flat. Stating that this seems unlikely but if they remove the clothing and show me I may be convinced otherwise has so far mainly resulted in me being physically hurt.

The shop also sell cell phone straps with a Hokkaido-shaped attachment with two breasts called おっぱいどう "Oppaido" (sounds vaguely like Hokkaido in Japanese).

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