Friday, September 30, 2011

Weird product names series: Petit bit

Petit Bit, sold at our university coop.
The French exchange student in our lab pointed out that our university coop sells chocolate that they call "PetitBit". Presumably they used the English "bit" to indicate that it is a stack of small bits of chocolate, and the French "petit" to indicate that these bits are small. Since "petit" is French and there is a French word "bit" too, as someone who knows French it is not unreasonable to assume that both words are French. In which case it means "small dick".

Calling your product "small dick" is kind of funny. Strangely enough, our French exchange student keeps buying these and then asking me and others in the lab if we "want some small dick" from him...

In Japan, "petit" is quite often used but it is normally spelled "puchi". It took me quite a long time before I realized that the "puchi" that you see everywhere to indicate a smaller than normal version of something was actually a loanword from French.

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