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Friday, March 4, 2016

Swedish design

A famous square in Stockholm, that also has  a "Design square" shop

There is a chain of shops in Sweden called "Designtorget", which means the "design square". They sell all kinds of things and the theme seems to be something like "interesting design". They have books, games, furniture, kitchen utensils, toys, food, and much more.

One of my friends in Japan collects "unko" (Japanese for "shit") themed things. Toys, souvenirs, stickers, etc. In Sweden I found some stuffed toys called "piss and shit", so I bought the shit toy and gave it to my friend when I got back to Japan.

I also saw this bicycle airbag on display. You wear it like a scarf and if it thinks you are falling from your bicycle (some gyros I guess?) it deploys your airbag helmet before you hit the ground. I thought about buying one, but it was still a bit expensive. And it might be difficult to get something with compressed air through the security at the airport.

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