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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chance meetings

Chicken Nanban
On Saturday I was having dinner alone. I had "Chicken Nanban", which comes from "chicken in the way of the southern barbarians", which means "Western style chicken" (the first Westerners to come to Japan came by ship from the south), which means fried chicken with pepper seasoning and tartar sauce. When I was more or less finished someone suddenly poked my shoulder, surprising me quite a bit. It turned out that a friend of mine was just coming into the same restaurant to have dinner.

Today I had Indian food for lunch, and of course a friend turned out to be having lunch in the same restaurant. Almost every time I go there, I run into someone I know. This time it was a girl who lived in the same dorm as me when I first came to Sapporo. I have also met people from my work place (at non-work hours, by chance) three times, some Japanese people who are friends of my friends, and other foreigners I know a little...

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