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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My interesting hotel room in Montpellier

I reached Montpellier in the evening, and it was around 30 degrees Celsius. I found my hotel fairly quickly, and my room was clean and spacious. About twice the size of my apartment in Sapporo. It had air conditioning and wireless Internet that worked without problems. It was also very cheap.

There was a "Sex Shop" on one of the streets outside my window.
The location was great. Very close to the station (though I did not go to the station even once), close to three different tram stations (useful when going to conference venue), and 1 minute walking distance from the old city center, where all the interesting things in Montpellier are found. So there were lots of good restaurants nearby, and many beautiful things to see.
My ridiculously cramped toilet. Shouldn't they have put it in facing the camera instead?
Perhaps there is something important on the other side of the wall that makes the toilet unusable, I though. It turns out to be nothing but empty space, seemingly made just to make the toilet cramped... French architecture.

The drawbacks included being close to the station (noisy trains breaking noisily early in the morning when passing close by), being close to the city center (people partying until three A.M. every night on the street outside my window), having a window that could not be closed (not a problem except for the noise, but combined with point 1) and 2) on the list of bad things, not great), and a toilet that was so close to a wall even a Japanese (who are generally tiny) girl could not have gotten her legs between the toilet and the wall...

The window to the very lively city center could not be closed. Another somewhat questionable design decision.

I managed to explain to the staff in the local pharmacy that I wanted ear plugs, which solved my noise problem.


  1. You checked in a very interesting room, Jonas. I know there were failures in the architecture of the room, but I guess those can be renovated if the management becomes aware of them. I hope you still enjoyed your stay there, especially since the room was clean and spacious. :) I was just a little curious about your room in Sapporo. I hope you can direct me to a blog about that room. Thanks.

    -- Danny Riddell

    1. Looking around now, I seem to never have blogged about my room in Sapporo. I did mention it on my old blog when I moved to this apartment, but not in much detail.

      Check under "New lair (20071010)" on this page: