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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recommended restaurants, and vacation time

A closed restaurant.
We have a student from Montpellier in our lab in Sapporo, so I asked him to recommend some restaurants.

He recommended a crepe restaurant which was located very close to my hotel. I went there on the first day to have a late meal, but it was closed for summer vacation and would not open until I was long gone from Montpellier.

Another closed restaurant.
Our student also recommended a restaurant that has excellent cheese fondue, and which has underwear from customers stuck to the walls, and which serves ice cream shaped as either tits or penises, depending on the sex of the customer. He also recommended this restaurant to a Canadian professor who was a special invited guest to the conference. Since the Canadian professor did not have much details on where this restaurant was actually located, I suggested we could go together since I had a map. We got there without problems, but it turned out to be ... closed for summer vacation. Until August 20.

A salty crepe, with cheese, egg, and bacon.
We gave up on the recommended restaurants and went to a crepe place that was almost full all the time, with local French people. That would probably mean that it was a good place, we thought. And it was. We had some very nice crepes, both salty ones and sweet ones.

A sweet crepe, with pears and whipped cream.

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