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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dinner with a friend

On Sunday I took the day off from the magic bar, since I had to fly to Tokyo really early in the morning on Monday. That meant I had time to hang out with a friend.

My friend suggested an Italian restaurant called "Le Creer" (which looks more like a French name) that she said was surprisingly cheap. It was. We ordered "assorted entrees", "assorted entrees, hot", pasta (gnocchi in Gorgonzola sauce; extremely good), a pizza (half of it with mushroom and potato, half with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes), a main dish called "10 types of baked vegetables" and another main dish which was stewed beef. We also had assorted teas during dinner, and more teas after we were finished with the food.

All the food showed up in quite large amounts. Pretty much all of it was excellent. I especially liked the gnocchi, the pizza, the stewed meat, the focaccia, the garlic toast, and various other parts of the entrees. We had way too much food.

The interior was very nice (and the exterior was kind of interesting looking too). It also turned out to be a night of live music, so two young girls were playing piano and a young guy was playing chello there. They were good. Nice timing.

The place turned out to be scarily cheap. We paid 5000 yen for all the drinks and food we ordered, which is about half of what I would have expected in a place like that.

Entrees, some liver pate, focaccia, and Italian salami.

Hot entrees, home made bacon, grilled vegetables, and garlic toast.

10 types of oven baked vegetables.

A pizza with half of it having mozzarella and tomatoes and the other half mushrooms and potatoes in cream sauce.

Gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce.

Stewed beef.

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