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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A chair in the mail

Yesterday I was planning to go home early but my professor strolled by my desk and asked me: "Do you have time to attend the seminar today?" Since I very much had time to do that I said "yes", and ended up getting home very late. Our seminars start one hour after my normal working hours are over, and go on for about two hours (normally, sometimes they go on for five hours). My professor wanted me to attend because he had just brought back some very delicious omiyage (souvenir) from Okinawa that he wanted me to try. They were pretty good, but maybe not "work three hours for free"-good, haha :-)

Anyway, when I got home there was a shipping truck standing in front of my apartment building. When I went inside, there was also a note in my mailbox saying that they had tried to deliver a package to me but that I was not home at the time. I went out and looked for the driver of the shipping truck and after a minute or so he came out of the neighboring house. I asked if he was the guy who had tried to deliver a package to me, and he was. So I got my package. Very nice timing.

I got a chair. When I went to my friend's wedding in Kobe, I got a "catalog gift", you get to pick anything you want from a catalog of all kinds of things. There was nothing in particular that I needed, so I picked a camping chair. It is foldable and seems practical if you go up in the mountains for a barbecue or something like that. It even has a cup holder. Last year I was invited to a total of 0 barbecue parties, though, so the chances of using this chair are maybe not that many... But two years ago I went to several barbecue afternoons were a chair would have been nice.

The chair also came with a strap with a hooking mechanism for attaching it to PET-bottles, so you can carry around a bottle when hiking or some other tiring outdoor activity that I am unlikely to participate in.

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