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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Encouragement at work... or what to do if you are hit by a North Korean missile

Today's first e-mail on the staff mailing list roughly translated said this: "If you get hit by a North Korean missile, please inform both the police and the administrative office of the university."

They also specify what to do if you find stuff that "looks like it could be from a North Korean missile". Mainly it says to not play with it but to inform the office and the police or fire department. Good to know.

A previous colleague of mine tells me that during the flu pandemic they sent out e-mails saying basically: "The ministry has told us to think in terms of about one-fifth of the university's staff dying, so please make sure you keep sufficient records to allow us to carry on without you."

The Japanese way of informing you of things sounds somewhat cold to us Europeans sometimes...


  1. I find it quite funny!! :-) I wonder if you are able to inform anyone of anything if you're hit by a North Korean misile!!?? Sounds more like some kind of stand up comedy than a sreious warning!! :-) The same with the pandemic message!! :-)

    1. It is funny, but I am also pretty sure it is not a joke. The official mails are never jokes :-)