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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home made Death Sauce

Pizza with bacon and egg

I was having pizza in an Italian restaurant run by a friend of mine when he suddenly put on goggles, gloves, and shoved paper up his nostrils. He then started running the mixer with lots of different pepper fruits in it. Apparently he had run out of "super spicy oil" to put on pizza. In Japan, everyone believes you have to put Tabasco on pizza (because that is the Western thing to do and pizza is Western food, is the thinking...) For people who like very spicy stuff, he makes this special oil instead. He gave me some to try, and it was indeed very spicy. It was more painful than the Death Sauce that is sold around here, but the taste was better. The Death Sauce has a kind of sour taste to it that this did not have.

Very spicy oil mixed with peppers

The peppers hanging here are all used when making the oil

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