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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A drawing of ... me?

I went to a bar where one of my friends work. I was introduced to a young girl who used to work there but had just quit. She was there saying goodbye to all her previous colleagues. While she was waiting for her best friend to get off work so they could go somewhere and eat, she sat and talked to me. I did some magic tricks (more or less forced to do so by my friend the bartender) and later she was asked if she had a hobby or special skill of some kind that she could show.

She said that she likes to draw, and that she is good at drawing. I asked her to draw me or a caricature of me. The result is the drawing above... Someone else suggested that maybe she could draw something simpler, like the character Anpanman. Everyone can draw Anpanman. The resulting drawing was not that similar to Anpanman.

I asked if she had any other skills that she was "also" good at, and was told that I was being mean, haha.

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