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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A light and healthy breakfast

Last week I went to Tokyo for a business meeting. I had to present some things to the MEXT to show them what we have done with the money they give us (other people were presenting things too).

Originally, I had booked a flight in the afternoon of the day before the meeting. Going early in the morning of the day of the meeting would not work, since I was scheduled to talk really early in the morning.

My professor kindly stopped by the day before departure and said: "Oh, I rebooked you to a flight early in the morning instead." So I ended up getting up at around 5 in the morning to catch a really early flight to Tokyo (so I ended up not having time to do any work that day). The reason my professor changed my flight was that the invited guest speaker also coming to the meeting was arriving at around lunch on the day before the meeting. My professor figured that the first thing you would want to do after flying for 20 hours or so to get from Europe to Japan would be to have a meeting. Since no one else would have time to have a meeting with him, and we would not want him to get bored by having to get a shower and some sleep, we went there super early and met him.

So I showed him the same things I showed at the meeting the next day, my professor showed him the things he showed at the meeting the next day, and the guest showed us the things he presented the next day.

Since we had to leave Sapporo very early, no one had time to have breakfast and we had a quick breakfast in Tokyo instead. My professor took us to a restaurant at the Haneda airport, and I had deep fried pork with eggs and rice. In fact, my professor and the other people in our team also had deep fried pork on rice. Healthy stuff.

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