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Friday, March 28, 2014

Waffle Day

I forgot to take photos before I was down to the last batter that was not enough to make a full waffle...
In Sweden we have "waffle day" every year on March 25. It is apparently a mishearing of "vårfrudagen" ("the day of our lady", which would be the mother of Christ) as "våffeldagen" ("waffle day"). It began as a Christian thing celebrating Maria getting pregnant, but since few people are religious anymore, it has been misunderstood as a day to eat waffles. And that is what it has become.

I have a waffle iron to make Swedish waffles (Japanese waffle irons cannot be used to make Swedish waffles since they are made for batter that will swell and Swedish waffles are not made using that) so I make waffles every waffle day. Sometimes friends show up and eat them with me, but this year I was all alone. It does not help that everyone (including me) always has to work in the evenings here.

Here is a short report but with a nicer photo from last year's Waffle Day in Sapporo. I also have a blog post with the recipe for Swedish waffles, which is one of my most frequently accessed blog posts.

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