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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Huge Gundam models and Gundam chocolate

During the Golden Week, there was a Gundam extravaganza in the Sapporo Factory shopping mall. They had huge Gundam models, and a special bazaar where they sold Gundam shirts, Gundam cookies, Gundam chocolate, Gundam plastic models, etc.

Gundam chocolate and cookies


  1. Hello,

    Good day to you. My name is Jen Nee. I am visiting Hokkaido end of this month.

    I am travelling with 2 young boys and they will be interested in the GUNDAM exhibit.

    May I know if this year will there be the same GUNDAM event durin gthe Golden Week in Sapporo? Can you please provide any information?

    Thank you

    1. This year it seems to be something like Kamen Rider or Power Rangers (I have no idea what exactly, I don't follow these series) instead. There are no Gundam events in Sapporo this year as far as I can tell.