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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Manly shoes

One of my friends came to work wearing these shoes. I had heard of these from other people since he had come to work wearing these shoes once before and they thought the shoes were strange for a man.

This time, he said the reason he wore the shoes (that, he explained, are not even his, but actually belong to his girlfriend) were that he had worn his own shoes when he went out, but since it rained and his shoes had holes in the soles, his socks and feet became very wet. He then borrowed the flower shoes from his girlfriend (who luckily has the same shoe size).

He later also explained that he wore these shoes because the rest of his clothes today (jeans and a white shirt) were so plain that he wanted to put some color into the outfit. How this statement fits with the story about being caught with no proper shoes in the rain, I am not sure.

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