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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Inhuman eye color

I got a mountain of cold ramen and accessories

This week I stopped by the magic "snack bar" Ropossa again. It is always lots of fun. By chance, I ran into the woman who also owns a t-shirt with a pig eating pork again. She was hugely disappointed that I was wearing clothes that were: "completely normal". And I was wearing a pair of red trousers with silver cherry blossom embroidery, a pink t-shirt (also with cherry blossoms), and traditional Japanese sandals. Which is not "normal" even in Japan.

I got two hot dogs, though they were tiny (4 cm or so)

For some reason, the "mama" started talking about my eye color. She wondered what color my eyes are (it is a bit dark in the bar, so it was hard to see, apparently). I showed a photo and then they took photos of other peoples' eyes and checked them too. Looking at some of the photos of my eyes, the mama said something along the lines of "but humans too can have that"... As surprising as it may sound, I am in fact human too... which one girl who also works there pointed out. They are funny.

My non-human eye color

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