Friday, May 18, 2012

7 year anniversary, and magic

Yesterday, the three day "7 year anniversary" of the bar "Bottom Cafe" started. For this, all the things they have on the menu cost only 400 yen. Which is very cheap for some of the stuff.

There is also a "stamp rally". Stamp rallies in Japan mean that you go to certain places, or do certain things, and someone stamps your stamp card. Once you have collected all the stamps, you win a price. At Bottom Cafe, you get the personal stamp of a different person of the staff each day of these celebrations, and if you get all three stamps, you get a 500 yen coupon to use later in the bar.

Yesterday, I did a 30 minute magic show in Bottom Cafe for the celebrations. It was very nice! All the people watching were very nice spectators, and the people I asked to come up and help me were very funny to interact with too. I don't think I did any big mistakes either (except leaving a magic picture book on a table  where a spectator asked to wait a little while could pick it up; which led to at least one spectator finding out how that magic prop works...) I tried out a new trick which I thought would be funny, and everyone seemed to like it. I also did a lot of tried and true tricks, of course, and people seemed to enjoy the show about as much as I did.

After the show, a magician friend who had showed up to watch my show took me to another place where he likes to drink. He said that a girl that works there also does a magic trick (apparently, she only does this one trick) and that she does it in a very cute way. As luck would have it, she was working yesterday, and she was free enough that she could show her magic trick to us. That was also a lot of fun.


  1. Hey I've seen you in Hokudai but had no idea you were a magician :D where do you perform? Nice blog btw

    1. I usually perform in "Magic Bar Twister" which is in Susukino here in Sapporo (

      Since I work at Hokudai during weekdays, I am usually only in the magic bar on Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes I am abroad on trips for my main job, and then I am of course not in the magic bar on weekends either (in July I will be gone a lot).