Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An omelet free non-parfait called "Omelet Parfait"...

One of my first friends in Sapporo now works as an English teacher (though she is Japanese and her English is perhaps not the best I have ever heard) in Hakodate (a few hours from Sapporo) was in Sapporo for one day of the Golden Week holidays.

We met and had lunch in an Italian restaurant, followed by coffee and cakes in the shop were our part time waitress in the magic bar used to work.

I had the "Most popular" thing on the menu, which was called "omu pafe". This comes from the words "omelet" and "parfait". There was however no omelet and no parfait (if you require something frozen to qualify for being a parfait, which is a common definition). It was good, though.

Omu Pafe

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