Friday, May 18, 2012

More Swedes

Today, I met three new people from Sweden (more or less, at least) who are currently in Sapporo. One of them is doing a six months post doc thing at the same university I work (though not in computer science but in dentistry), and the other two are the rest of the family.

One of them had found my blog, and learned that we have an "English conversation practice lunch" every Friday, so they showed up and joined us today. By this, we even managed to outnumber the Polish group, since only three Poles showed up today (sometimes six of them show up, though). They were very nice.

There are not so many people from Sweden in Sapporo. I know of 5 others, though there may be more Swedes here that I have not met. There is apparently a Swedish guy who has lived near Sapporo longer than anyone else (around 30 years) but no other Swede has ever met him. He is like Bigfoot or something, a legend that most people know but no one has seen him for real. My Greek colleague claims to have met him about a week ago, though. Reportedly, the Swedish guy lives on his own farm outside Niseko (a ski resort not far from Sapporo) and never comes to Sapporo.

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