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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flesh Banana Juice

Yesterday I went out to eat yakitori ("grilled chicken", which means skewers of chicken but also allows for lots of other things, like bacon) with two colleagues. We go out twice per month and so.

Yesterday's place was very nice. We also had long (7 hours) discussions on weather there is human caused global warming, if Jews came to Japan thousands of years ago and made Japanese people sing songs in Hebrew at Jewish like festivals, if you can call a system where groups of people around you can overrule your choices an anarchy, if Greek people are descended from aliens from Sirius, and many other things.

We also went to a New Orleans style bar (the first place closed at around midnight). There they served "Flesh Banana Juice" and other interesting things... ("r" and "l" are written the same in Japanese, so translations sometimes have this type of error).

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