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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas magic show

Every year the magic club at our university has a big stage magic show around Christmas time. This year I am no longer an active member (you get retired after three years) but I was there watching.

They rent a big stage in the middle of the city, and do a two hour show. This year there were 14 different performances. One of the performers had asked me to be his instructor, so I had coached him a bit. I left him very free reins. Since I learned magic by myself I do not know what to teach, so I told him how I think about magic and told him about various ways of doing things he wanted to do. Anytime he wanted me to teach him something specific I did, but in general I left the final decisions to him. He did fine, I think. He said he was quite nervous and that his hands shook a lot when he was on stage, but that is fairly normal I think. It was (I guess) his first time in front of a few hundred people.

The others did OK too, some did great, some made mistakes. Afterwards, there was also a four hour drinking and eating party where I got to speak to some of the other retired people about magic, which was nice.

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