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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Unexpected presents

In Sweden, December 24 is the biggest event of the year. Traditionally you celebrate Christmas with your family and relatives, mainly by eating way too much food and exchanging presents. I have no relatives in Sapporo, and Christmas is not celebrated in Japan, so this day has a high potentiality for making you feel lonely.

My mom mentioned that she sent a Christmas package on Friday, but it usually takes at least one week for mail to reach me from Sweden. On the 24th (Monday) there was a note in my mailbox saying that there was a package for me and that the person who sent it was "Sweden". This usually means my parents, since there are only two other people in Sweden who know my address (as far as I know). And one of them only knows it because he wanted to send me his Ph.D. thesis a few years ago.

Anyway, the package was from the second non-relative of mine who indeed knows my address. She lived about two years in Sapporo but moved back to Sweden a few years ago. We used to hang out and look like a family (she had a blond daughter, so everyone thought I was the dad of course). She had sent me some chocolate from Sweden, with perfect timing.

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