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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A computer science seminar with... tentacle porn?

The Dream of the Gay Octopus, and two professors discussing things related to it

This week we have a distinguished mathematician/computer scientist visiting our lab. He gave a presentation on his recent activities yesterday in a seminar here at our lab. We are a computer science lab, so most presentations at our seminars concern things such as data mining algorithms or theoretical proofs that certain algorithms will terminate with the correct output etc.

This time, the seminar contained some surprising things. There were for instance several slides showing tentacle porn. Both old traditional Japanese tentacle porn such as "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" from 1814, and some new art inspired by this and made with the purpose of making the Vatican upset, for example "The Dream of the Gay Octopus".

The presenter was also funny in that he said that he thought the Vatican or some Christians complaining about an exhibition of old Japanese erotic art was hypocritical considering the Vatican is full of paintings of naked young boys.

Since people keep telling me that there is also a movie about one of the famous old tentacle porn prints (and it was mentioned during our seminar), I put up a link to that movie here: "Edo Porn" (also known as "Hokusai manga").

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