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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zombies in a small world

Today I ended up sitting next to a young Japanese guy who I had never met before. It turns out I am Facebook friends with his father, though. That was a somewhat surprising coincidence.

Next, someone swallowed a two meter long balloon (because that is just the kind of thing that people in Japan do). The explanation given was: "You just have to learn self-control while swallowing", and people started talking about just brute endurance stunts. It was mentioned that I sometimes hammer a nail into my nose. This guy sitting next to me then said that he had stumbled upon a YouTube clip of someone looking like a zombie doing just that. That is my YouTube clip showing me hammering a nail into my nose. Small world. He did not say how he happened to stumble upon my clip.

So naturally, I also showed a photo of my Halloween outfit this year. He was surprised again, and showed me a photo in his cell phone. The photo shows me and his girlfriend. Who I also do not know, but who apparently attended the same Halloween party that I went to, and was one of many people there taking a photo with me. Which she had sent to her boyfriend, who sent it to me tonight when we ended up sitting next to each other. Sapporo feels small, but actually has a higher population than the capital of Sweden... where things like this never happened to me.

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