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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Curry House Colombo

This week I have not been that busy (and possibly not even employed, since I still do not have a new contract, haha), so I had time to go home from work before 20:30. This is nice, because there is a restaurant called Curry House Colombo that closes at 20:30.

I managed to get there twice this week. The first time I ordered chicken curry with vegetables and egg. Normally you get boiled and sliced egg, but they asked me if I would like fried eggs instead, since they had lots of fried eggs for some reason. I got huge amounts of eggs, and extreme amounts of curry. And they knocked off quite a bit on the price too... The owner of Colombo is a regular visitor to our magic bar, so she gives all of us lots of special service. Which is nice, but since it is so cheap to start with and so good, you would like to pay more.

The second time I tried the "katsu kare", curry, rice, and deep fried pork. It was very good, though the "hanbaagu kare" the guy next to me had also looked very good. Again, they gave me a huge price cut. They also gave me a doughnut. They said that a new restaurant had just opened in the room next to Colombo. It is a soup curry and pancake place, so today they gave away doughnuts. Go figure.

On my way home, I ran into a friend of mine who had stood around at the subway station waiting for 41 minutes before I showed up. She was not waiting for me, but since I have stood there waiting all alone too (though my friend showed up after about 35 minutes), I stopped and talked to her for awhile. We stood around talking for 15 minutes or so. I had not seen her in many months, so we had plenty of funny photos etc. to discuss.

She was happy to have something to do while waiting, and I was happy to see that apparently I am not the only one who has Japanese friends who show up VERY late to meetings.

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