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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cannibal Animals in Tokyo (again)

Today I went to our magic bar to return some DVDs that a friend handed over to me yesterday to give to our boss. In the magic bar, there were lots of people, and in the end I was asked if I wanted to show something to a group of four young women who were a great audience since they seemed to love any magic anyone showed them. So I did some magic tricks for them, and they were very happy.

Later, when I was about to go home, one regular customer showed up really drunk. He talked about all kinds of things, but also started talking to me. He said he recently went to Tokyo and then went out of his way and went to Harajuku just to look for t-shirts with cannibalistic animals. I usually wear t-shirts from this series when I perform in our magic bar, and he once asked me where I had bought them. I said Harajuku, and he asked for very detailed directions. He bought three t-shirts himself, because his girlfriend thinks they are very cute (if I understood correctly). He gave one to his girlfriend's (or his own?) mom, who did not like it at all, so now he was slightly upset with me, haha.

Here is a video (that I put on the blog before too) with me in one of these t-shirts; a shirt with a salmon eating salmon sushi (the others have things like a chicken eating fried eggs, a family of pigs eating fried pork, etc.):

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