Monday, April 2, 2012

Orangina and White Wonda

The Japanese school year starts on April 1 (which is in itself a bit strange, since they do celebrate April Fools here). This means that around now, there are lots of new products in the coop shop. Usually, some of them have really weird names.

This year, there are not so many products with funny names yet. The two most interesting so far are "Orangina" and "White Wonda" ("wonderful white au lait").


  1. Orangina is not Japanese, it is an old brand imported from Europe. We even had it in Sweden like 20 years ago. So if you think the name is funny, you cannot blame Japan for that... The French I think are the guilty ones..

    1. It is still a funny name, and I have other things in the blog that are English mistreated by French or other nationalities, not only the Japanese :-)

  2. The trademark is french indeed, but the term "orangina" is not english at all and you cannot call that "mistreated english" as it is NOT english.