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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Japanese games

Back in Japan, I was in our magic bar as usual during the weekend. On Saturday, one of our regulars got married, and they held the "after party" in our magic bar. After this party, the husband went off with most of the guests to have an "after after party", but the bride stayed in our bar.

They had planned quite a lot of party games for the after party but did not have time to do all of them. This meant that they had a bag full of panty hoses left, which they gave to my colleagues. Two of my colleagues then put these on their heads, and had a kind of tug of war. The first one to have his panty hose pulled off his head loses. Weird game...

Strangely enough, the bride stayed in our bar the whole night, at least until 7 A.M. when I left. The groom also showed up at around 4 A.M., so they at least spent their wedding night together... but why spend it in a magic bar!?

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