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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kórnik: Botanical garden

It was already spring in Poland, though we still get lots of snow in Sapporo (that is by the way much farther south than Poland is).
Outside the Kórnik castle there is a huge botanical garden that we took a quick stroll in.
The strange knobs on the ground to the right of this tree are parts of the roots of the tree.

We saw some frogs mating.

My professor thinks all trees in Europe looks like this, and wondered why. We were told the ball shaped things are a parasite that lives in some trees (and I have never seen something like this in Sweden, so not "all trees in Europe").


  1. Actually, those round parasite things are quite common here in Sweden as well. There are lots around here. But when the trees get their leaves it's hard to see them.

    1. I do not think I have seen any of those in Sweden, but maybe they came to Sweden after I left :-)