Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farewell party

When I was fired, there was not even a party. But for our technician, there was flowers. Then again, he worked 40 years longer in the lab than I did :-)
I once wrote a paper with this guy. And we ate insects together too!
On Thursday I was invited to the farewell party of some people graduating from my previous lab at the university. One of them wrote papers together with me, and my old lab has the sense to put parties on days when you are not busy (unlike my current lab, that puts all parties on Fridays, which means I cannot go).

Shabu-shabu, with free refills.

On the left is normal shabu-shabu, and on the right tofu milk shabu-shabu.
We had shabu-shabu (a Japanese dish where you boil thin slices of meat), in an "all you can eat in two hours" way. Which meant way too much food. There was of course also unlimited drinks during these two hours.
A pizza with potatoes.

Then there were two more hours of unlimited drinks at another place, with a few dishes of food. The most interesting was a pizza with potato. In Sweden I have never seen a pizza with potato on it, but it is common in Japan.

After two hours of "all you can eat", not so much food was necessary.

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