Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 year party

Dragon bar, without my friend.
After the farewell party I decided to go say hello to my friend in his bar. It was their 4 year anniversary of the bar, which means lots of people coming to celebrate and giving them presents.

When I got there, at 23:50, my friend was still not there, though. The owner was running the place all alone, and said that my friend did not even answer his phone, most likely because he was still sleeping... They open at 20:00. At around 1 A.M. my friend called in and said that he was sorry and had overslept. Nice timing to do that on the first day of the 4 year anniversary (which goes on for three days), haha. He showed up at 1:40 or so, and I ended up talking to him and a very cute girl sitting next to me (waiting for her boyfriend, but still) until around 5 A.M. I had too much ume-shu.

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