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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poland: Interesting airplanes

A model of our Pokemon plane
On our trip to Poland (for a boring meeting, so not much time for sightseeing I guess), we flew the route Sapporo-Tokyo-Frankfurt-Poznan. Usually we have to get up really early (4:30 A.M.) but on the other hand that usually means we arrive in Europe in the afternoon or evening, which at least is nice. This time, we had an evening flight, which meant changing airplane in Tokyo at 1 A.M. (everything turned out to be closed by then, no money exchange, no cafe, no shop) and arriving in Frankfurt at 5 A.M. local time... not very pleasant.

We did get to ride in some interesting airplanes, though. Between Sapporo and Tokyo, all the big carriers run jumbo jets, even though it is just a domestic flight. This time we flew with ANA, and our B747-400D was a Pokemon special plane. So the outside was painted with Pokemons, the engines were poke-balls, and the interior also had lots of Pokemon stuff.

The flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt was also with ANA, and we got to ride in the new B787, which is only used by ANA so far (if I understand correctly). It was a very nice plane.

The last hop to Poznan was in a tiny airplane. Since even my domestic trips from Sapporo are in jumbo jets, it was the first time in many years I rode a plane that small...

The engines of our Pokemon plane had poke-balls painted on them.
The seats had Pokemons.

And the outside of course had Pokemons.
We got to ride the ANA B787.
It said on the seats that ANA is the first to use B787s.
Then we had a really tiny plane for the last hop.


  1. My daughter would love Pockemon plane XD

    4th photo...no smoking, no mobiles, no laptop, no listening to music....no no no!!!! God what a boring plane!! XD

    1. I do not know anything about Pokemon, but I loved the plane anyway! :-)

      No music etc. is only for take-off and landings, but it was still a boring trip...