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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Security problem

I got stuck in the security check at Haneda. I had no luggage to speak of, and had ditched all metallic things etc. and passed the security check at Chitose with no problems, so when they told me at Haneda that I was not even allowed to go into the security check I was a bit surprised. They took my passport and ticket and gave it to someone higher up. They could not figure out whatever it was that needed figuring out either, so they phones someone else. After 5 minutes or so, they came and told me that someone would come in a while and that I should wait. All my colleagues had of course by then passed through security, got their stuff back, put every laptop back in the bags etc. and they were looking at me wondering what was going on. I had no idea either, so we just waited.

My two tickets issued at Chitose, and my reissued ticket from Haneda.
After some minutes, a woman showed up with a ticket with my name, took my original ticket and checked that the information was the same, ripped up my old ticket and gave me the new ticket. She said to try again now, and then everything was fine. Presumably something was wrong with my first ticket (corrupt barcode?) but no one told me what was wrong so I do not know. Anyway, once allowed into the security check, everything proceeded smoothly and we were on our way quickly.

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