Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Games and tequila

I was introduced to a new card game in our magic bar a Sunday a while ago. It is originally a card game for kids, made in Germany. In the Japanese version I learned, the loser of each round has to take a shot of tequila, which I guess is not so common in games for children...

The game itself was quite nice. You have a set of cards with the numbers 1 to 15. All players have one set like that each. There are also scoring cards, numbered from -5 to 10. These are shuffled randomly and one at a time are put on the table. You then select a card from your set of cards to try to get that scoring card with. The basic rule is that the person who uses the highest card will get the card on the table. You can only use each of your own cards once.

So using high cards to get high scoring cards would seem rational, but you have to factor in all other players and some special rules. If the scoring card has a negative value, the player with the lowest card will have to take the scoring card. If there is a draw, all players with the same number are ignored.

This was quite a psychological game, and I did not have to drink tequila more than one time despite over ten rounds.

Then we changed to a more luck based game, and I ended up having 7 shots of tequila in just a few rounds...

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