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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poznan: Shopping

Shopping mall
When the meetings of the first day ended, we rushed to a shopping mall that we were told has some interesting architecture and art. The stuff that was sold was pretty much what you would find in Sweden, so it was not so exciting to go shopping, but we did have a lot of fun in the food market. It is always interesting to see what fish is being sold in a country you have never visited before etc.

Also, since Poland seems to be very Christian, there was lots of Easter preparations.

Easter bunnies galore

I like the name "Bookarest" for a book store

More Easter bunnies

I bought something that I do not know what it is, and a bar of chocolate that looked like it was designed in the Soviet era. 

Even the Swedish brand H&M had a big store 


  1. HAHAHA I'm just eating this 'soviet looking' chocolate right now. Dark, not sweet at all, but whatever:P And I said the same to my husband, that it looks like from communism-times:)
    Wedel for a veeery long time was the only and the best chocolate factory in Poland. Their most common product is 'Ptasie mleczko'. If you like sweets then try it. and from other companies... candies called 'Kukułka'(filed with alcohol). My husband had a moment of laugh when I showed it to him for the first time... has something to do with Swedish language ;P
    Halva is something you can get in Sweden in Turkish stores. I liked it when I was little, but not now:/

    1. If I ever saw something called "Kukułka" I would buy it just to take a picture of the name :-)

    2. I knew it!!! XS You Swedes:P
      Can try to get some for you, next time I'm in polish store:)