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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hedonistic night

Yesterday at work, an acquaintance e-mailed me and asked if I was free to go drinking with him in the evening. I had nothing planned except work, so I said I could show up around 21:00. This acquaintance goes to around 14 bars in one night when he goes out drinking, so I usually cannot keep up for even half his spending spree (and I had to work today too, unlike him), but he knows many many interesting places so it is usually nice to tag along for awhile.
Kani-shuumai, crab dumplings

A bikini made out of candy
Yesterday, I gave up after 5 places. But by then we had had Japanese food and drinks (plum wine, lots of traditional Japanese food like sashimi), visited a small Northern European style bar (the owner has visited at least 15 countries in Europe, including Sweden), had Hawaiian drinks with umbrellas and flowers together with a pineapple carved out to be an ice cream dessert, had Chinese food and drinks with some comedians, and a frozen raspberry cocktail in a fancy bar. Of these, I had only been to the Hawaiian place before.

An ice cream dessert with a banana, half a pineapple, and lots of cake and whipped cream
Chinese food
He also has a tendency to strike up conversations with other random customers, no matter how uninterested they seem to be, and then tell everyone that I am a famous international magician, super famous from TV, etc. etc. Which is if not lying, at least a very strong exaggeration. It usually ends with me doing some magic for the other guests, and yesterday I ran out of business cards already in the second or third bar. There were some women who seemed absolutely floored by magic, that may later show up in our magic bar.

Raspberry Angel (?) Lemon, raspberry liqueur, yogurt liqueur, and shredded ice.
The owner said she was a big Evangelion fan, and they had lots of Evangelion figures on the shelves 

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