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Monday, April 23, 2012

Free food!

Saturday was a nice day. I went to a soup curry place and managed to fill my stamp card there, so next time I go there I will get dinner for free.

Garbanzo appetizers
Then I had some time to kill before it was time to go to our magic bar, so I stopped by Garbanzo, an Italian place run by a friend of mine. I ordered ukon tea (which normally tastes horrible, by the way, but this time it was ukon tea that tasted OK), but I also got some very nice appetizers for free!

Gyoza and spring rolls
Then, in our magic bar, a girl who comes quite a lot and I guess really really likes magic (the same girl who was the jury in our magic contest last week), brought food with her too. She works as a chef in a Chinese restaurant, so she brought gyoza and spring rolls she made herself. Very good.

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