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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taco rice shop

Today I noticed a restaurant that is not that far from our magic bar but that I have never noticed before. They sell only "taco rice" and Japanese pancakes. Taco rice is a dish that Japanese people consider to be Okinawa style food, and it is like Tex-Mex tacos, except with rice instead of bread.

This place was really tiny, with three small counters to sit at. They also do take-out, though some of the upgrade options for the pancakes and taco rice are then no longer available. I tried taco rice with bacon topping, which was good. I also plan to go back and try the cheese version and the chili oil (ラー油) version.

The prices are extremely cheap. 380 yen for a basic normal sized taco rice, with options of large and super large for 100 yen extra each.

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