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Monday, June 17, 2013

Broken back pasta, and free pudding

I finally found time to visit a pasta place I like, and which I used to visit once or twice per week. Now it had been over 8 months since last time. It is a very small place, with the owner doing all the work himself.

When I had just moved to Japan, I lived close to this restaurant and the owner would usually talk to me about all kinds of things so I learned a lot of my Japanese by eating there. When I went there now, he said "long time no see", and asked if I had tried to come there recently. I said no, since I have been travelling and been away from Sapporo more than I have been here, lately. He also closes at 20:00, and despite my contract saying I should only work until 17:00 I rarely get away before 20:00.

Anyway, the restaurant had been closed from the middle of January until quite recently, he told me. He had fallen out of a window when removing snow from his house and when he hit the ground he broke his back. He spent one month in a hospital and two months recovering at home.

Now he is back in the restaurant, and his wife has started making vanilla pudding for his restaurant. I gave me a serving of pudding for free, and it was very good. The pasta is also very good.

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