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Monday, June 10, 2013

Creative Innovation Summit and Weimar

My name tag had my name misspelled

This booth had interpreters translating all presentations into German when the speakers were speaking English and into English for presentations in German. 

We went to Erfurt for a conference, but on Monday we were packed into a bus and shipped to Weimar to participate in the Creative Innovation Summit. This was an industry event, with the goal of creating cooperation between high tech companies in Thuringia (the part of Germany we were in).

The summit had several hundred participants, and one of them was from Sweden. I had nothing in particular to do, so I just enjoyed the presentations that seemed interesting, walked around Weimar to see some sights during the lunch break, and ate too much of the quite nice lunch they provided.

My lunch
Coffee break cakes

This building is actually a fitness center (a gym)
There was a human sized doll in a window.

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