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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ice cream in Erfurt

Despite May being rainy (almost every day, leading to huge floods), we had great weather pretty much every day in Erfurt. During the conference lunch break we walked over to an ice cream shop near the conference venue.

Our timing was good. We only had to wait a minute or so, but right behind us a huge group of children appeared.

My German friend translating for me for some reason thinks I only eat weird things, so he said I had to pick the very blue ice cream. I asked the girl in the shop what taste that was (it was uninformatively named "smurf ice cream") and she said it tastes like bubble gum. As far as I know, bubble gum comes in many flavors, so that was still not very informative. I tried it in the end, and it was pretty good. I also asked her for her recommendation, which was white chocolate ice cream with raspberry, which was great.


  1. Blått tuggummi smakar väldigt speciellt!! Så jag antar att det var den smaken hon menade? :-) Jag gillar den smaken väldigt mycket!! Undrar om jag skulle gilla den på glass?

    1. Det smakade syntetisk fruktsmak av svårbestämd sort, tyckte jag :-) Men det var rätt gott, så jag var nöjd oavsett vad det var för smak.

  2. Då smakade det nog inte blått bubbelgum.. för det smakar inte alls frukt.. :-)