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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ska tåget stanna på Stockholm?

Today I saw a girl with a bag with Swedish text on it inside our university. The text is a bit strange, and if I still remember my Swedish correctly, it is also incorrect.

The bag says: "Ska tåget stanna på Stockholm?", which roughly means "Will the train stop in Stockholm?". Why you would want that on your bag is not obvious, but then again, why not? If I were to write that sentence in Swedish, I would use a different preposition, though. "Ska tåget stanna i Stockholm?" is what I would write, or even "Kommer tåget stanns i Stockholm?". To me, "på" is not only unnatural, it is wrong. But I rarely use Swedish anymore, so I may be wrong.


  1. Haha:) Visste inte att svenska kan vara så pop i Japan XD

    Jag alltid undrade varför folk vill ha såna texter på deras grejer. Alså såna som egentligen säger ingenting... It still is a mystery to me lol.

    1. Ja, det är lite konstigt att man väljer att ha grejer med text som man inte förstår och som inte betyder något särskilt intressant :-)