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Monday, June 10, 2013

Flying to Germany

On Sunday morning, we had to get up ridiculously early to fly to Germany for a conference. This time we did not have much travel money, so me and a colleague had to buy really cheap tickets. We ended up flying with Korean airlines (though our professor still flew with his more expensive and favorite airline).

Korean bibimbap
Korean Airlines was fine. The last time I flew with them they sent my bags to Tokyo but me to Sapporo. This time I did not have any luggage so there were no problems like that. The food was nice. The girl at the check-in counter at New Chitose Airport (the Sapporo airport) was super nice. The only downsides were that the staff in the plane kept talking to me in Korean (which I do not understand) all the time, that there was an "in-flight shopping good show space" and a bar counter instead of toilets in the back of the plane where I sat, that all the good snacks were always gone by the time they reached my part of the plane, and that the guy sitting next to me spread out into my seat too and was generally quite annoying (not the airlines fault, though). Everything else was good.

Not a toilet
Stairs to the upper floor, which had 90 business class seats.

We flew Sapporo-Seoul-Frankfurt, with only a 45 minutes stop in Seoul. We were a little worried that we would have to run to catch our flight, but even though there was an extra security check just for transferring too (and they decided to frisk me thoroughly too, for some reason) we had plenty of time. On the way back I had five and a half hours in the Seoul airport and was severely bored (but unlike Frankfurt airport they have free WiFi, so at least I had something to do). On my way home, I got even more thoroughly frisked in Frankfurt.
This spicy chicken dish was good
Our plane was huge compared to the other planes in the airport.

Between Seoul and Frankfurt we flew with an Airbus 380-800, which is a huge airplane. It was the first time I flew in such an airplane. I still like the Boeing 787 better, though.

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  1. Jag och Joshua flög en sorts Air Bus med China Air till Beijing när vi var i Sapporo förra sommaren, och hade väntat oss att det skulle vara ganska "fint".. Men det var det INTE!! Den Boeing 787 vi flög från Beijing till Frankfurt när vi skulle hem var MYCKET bättre!!