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Thursday, June 13, 2013

School festival

The university school festival is a fun event, and it started two days before I even got back to Sapporo, soI missed most of it. I did manage to see some of the performances, and eat some of the food, though.

The insect club had live insects you could look at, and buy.
The robot club had robot games where you could win snacks.
A lamb meat burger.
Cucumber on a stick, traditional Japanese festival food.
My French friend was selling tacos.
Fish shaped Japanese waffles, very common festival food.
Hot dog with bread and salad.
Hot dog with a chopstick and a paper plate as wrapping.
Sign informing you of the Magic Cafe of my magician club.
Tooth shaped cookie from the dentist students.
Deep fried ice cream, and some deep fried fruits in the background.
A tired panda.
"Ore no banana" ("my banana", with the male word for "me"), a somewhat suggestive name for a banana seller.
Ice cream and soda
French "tacos" kebab
Sticky rice fried and wrapped in bacon.
A big fluffy dog.
Bird petting zoo
Snake for petting
Petting zoo with rabbits, a turtle, and guinea pigs.

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