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Monday, August 5, 2013

Barbecue, and a recipe for Swedish "stick bread"

A friend invited me over for barbecue on Sunday. I made some Swedish "stick bread" and baked it on the barbecue nets since we did not have any sticks. Lots of good food.

This clever contraption was used to get the coal burning with less work than usual.
A squid in foil, with squid guts and other things mixed in with it.
Swedish "stick bread" baked without sticks and looking more like Japanese "melon bread" (though tasting not at all of melon).
After it became dark, one of the other participants let me share some of his toys.
There were also two different types of cheese cake available. Both very good.

I was asked about the stick bread recipe, which is super simple. This is food that small children are supposed to make themselves, and it is more a "playing with clay" kind of fun than "let's make good food" thing. Anyway, the recipe I used was:

125 cc of flour
half a teaspoon of baking powder
a quarter of a teaspoon of salt
50 cc of water

Mix the dry stuff, then add water. Normally you make long dough strips that you wrap around a big stick and then stick into a camp fire to bake them. The dough should be about half a centimeter thick to get the inner parts baked without the surface turning into charcoal. For fine in a frying pan or on a grill too. This bread is not particularly tasty, but since you get the grilled aftertaste and you always eat it when it is freshly baked, it is not bad.

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