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Monday, August 12, 2013

Shopping, small props that may be useful

A very small show, and a screaming chicken. Making things small is a funny magic theme, but I have no shoes that look like this one.
 I often go to the 100-yen stores or places like Don Quixote or Village Vanguard that sell "weird" things. Then I buy lots of small weird things that make me go: "This might be useful for some magic trick". I end up using way less than 10% of the stuff I buy but from time to time I have some genius idea of what to do with things I bought years ago.

A trash can (actually an ash tray) and a bucket. Could be used for some coin magic, perhaps?
Two cases, one for pens and one for coins.

This is an optical illusion. You spin the disk and watch the spinning disk for 20 seconds. Then you look at the bunny, which will look like it is shrinking (or growing, depending on the direction you spin the disk). Could be used as a lead in to tricks where thing become smaller.

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