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Monday, August 5, 2013

Whale bacon and yosakoi

On Friday the Susukino festival was still going strong and the weather was nice so it was packed with people. I ran into some customers from our magic bar and ate some whale with them.

Whale bacon
Normal bacon, wrapped around gooey rice (better than whale bacon)

"Whale bacon" was on the menu, but the bacon part of a whale is not that good. Sometimes our university cafeteria serves deep fried whale meat (though not a whole deep fried whale), which is a much better part of the whale. The most common whale meat to see here in Sapporo is the whale bacon, though. While whale is not bad, even the better parts of the whale do not actually taste better than "normal" meat, so why Japan keeps hunting and eating whales when it makes Australia and other countries (from where the whales are taken) angry is a bit of a mystery to me.

There was no oiran procession through the area on Friday, but instead there was a Yosakoi contest. This is a form of team dance where people dance to techno versions of old folk songs, including some traditional folk dance moves and carrying a kind of old Japanese maracas, but other than that the rules seem to be very free. It usually includes some form of clothes change in the middle of the dance, and very colorful makeup.

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