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Monday, August 12, 2013

Plastic models

Ultraman, with blinking lights
A friend of mine took me to the "Hokkaido Modeler's Exhibition" on Saturday. It was a big hall filled with plastic models. My friend's driving school teacher from when he got his driver's licence was participating in a model competition with a diorama depicting the ending scene of some anime I have never heard of, so we were there to look at that.

The diorama that was our main objective.

I used to build and paint plastic models when I was younger, and it was very nice to see some models again. Many of them were very nicely painted. Some had moving and blinking parts too.

This omuraisu says "chahan" (a different dish), which I thought was funny.
Making our custom ordered omuraisu
I bought some "eat me" cookies. They were "Alice in Wonderland" cookies, not sexual innuendo cookies or being rude cookies, I was told.
There were also people building and selling stuff on site. We found a woman making omuraisu (a Japanese dish) models and writing whatever you wanted on them with fake ketchup. My friend asked for one with his girlfriend's name, and one with "ome" (very short for "congratulations" or "happy birthday" etc.). I called it an "ome raisu", but it was not much appreciated.

Very colorful and Japanese model airplanes
A similarly colorful tank

A diorama from my favorite Starwars movie
I liked this topographical map model

One Piece (the manga and anime) is popular in Japan, and there was a big diorama with Obe Piece content.
A huge ship, with moving and blinking parts
The helicopter had rotors that were spinning so fast it is hard to see them in the photo.

Why are animals driving these WWII vehicles?
I used to play Warhammer (a game using these models) a long time ago. Not this team, though.
I also played Warhammer 40k (though, again, not these teams).
There were lots of tanks with small girls like this.
A big Gundam diorama
This house had a removable roof and lots of moving parts.
The interior was incredibly detailed.
This water wheel spun, and it drove a mill inside the model!
Hatsune Miku, a Hokkaido virtual idol. Placed strategically on a mirror platform, so you can see her panties. Very common with Japanese idols. 


  1. Jag skulle gillat det!! Jag är såld på allt miniatyr.. :-)

    1. Jag gillar också miniatyrer, och jag tyckte det var kul. Det var första gången jag fick veta att det fanns en massa sådant här här, men det är väl klart att det gör, antar jag. Undrar när nästa liknande event händer?

  2. Jag ska visa Joshua det här inlägget när han kommer hit sen, för han gillar också sånt här och samlar lite.. för nåt år sen köpte han en hel del Warhammer figurer och målade.. :-)